For Teachers

This website is largely geared towards students of IELTS, but as a teacher you will also find a number of useful resources. Feel free to use any of the materials here in your classes. If you enjoy our materials and find them suitable for your students, please consider signing up as a member of this site in order to receive full access to the lesson plans for each video. These contain unique activities that will keep your students excited about English.

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You’ll notice that most of the activities on this website revolve around videos. We don’t recommend relying too heavily upon videos in class, but when used carefully – such as recommended by us – they are a great learning tool. The videos here entertain your students, but are short enough that they function excellently as learning materials. We suggest never using a video longer than 20 minutes in class, and preferably around 4-12 minutes.

The TED website allows downloads of most videos. If you don’t have internet access in your classroom, download the video and take it on a USB stick.