Talking About Friends for IELTS

There are lots of possibly questions about friends in the IELTS speaking exam. For example, in part one they might ask you, “Do you usually see your friends at the weekend?” and in part two they may tell you to “Describe a friend who…” Let’s learn some colloquial language for talking about friends. These phrases are all informal, so they’re perfect for talking about friendship.

Friendship Vocabulary

“we hit it off” = we liked one another immediately

“we had a lot in common” = we had many shared interests

“we fell out” = we argued or stopped being friends

“we got on well together” = we enjoyed each other’s company

“we went our separate ways” = we stopped seeing each other so often

“we had our ups and downs” = there were good times and bad times


Here’s some more useful friendship vocabulary for ESL.

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