Let’s take a look at a sample IELTS speaking exam together and explore the questions. Here’s a useful video:

For a listening challenge, why don’t you try watching the video and noting down the questions that she is asked. Then check your answers below.


Part One

  1. Study
    1. Do you work or do you study?
    2. What do you study? Why?
    3. Do you like your current place of study?
  2. Internet
    1. How often do you use the internet? Why?
    2. When did you last use the internet?
    3. Can you imagine life without the internet?
  3. TV
    1. Do you watch a lot of TV?
    2. What are the popular TV programmes in China?
    3. Have TV programmes changed since you were a child?

 Part Two

Describe a place you’d like to visit.

Part Three

Do you think it’s important to read about a country before you visit it?

  • Are there any disadvantages?

Is it important to have a guide to an unfamiliar place?

Is it better to travel independently or to have a guide?

Do you think governments should protect places of historic interest for the sake of tourism?

In China, are historical places of interest protected?



This girl would have gotten a band 6.5. She speaks very fluently; however, her pronunciation is really quite poor. She uses some good vocabulary and grammatical expressions, but often she is lacking in cohesion. It sounds as though some parts were memorized by category and then forced into the answer for a specific question. She could boost her score significantly if she worked on her pronunciation skills, and answered questions more directly. Sometimes her use of idiomatic expression was a little unnatural.