In the third lesson of this free IELTS course, we will learn all about the past tenses. These are incredibly important for IELTS, and not just for writing. Could you imagine answering questions for the speaking test without knowing the past tenses?! You would struggle badly.

Past tenses are very important in English, and knowing 1) how to form them, and 2) when to use them is absolutely vital. In today’s video, I will give you a basic guide to these tenses.

Homework & Further Reading for Lesson 3

In order to get the most out of these lessons, you should download and complete the PDF documents that I attach as “homework”. These have all been created by me and I give you permission to print them if you like. I think they will really help you to test and improve your skills.

Here is the homework for lesson 3.

And here are the answers.

You can find a complete guide to the past tenses on my site, too.