For two years, I have been updating this website regularly with hints and tips for IELTS, as well as sample essays, question analyses, and general guides to all parts of the IELTS exam. I don’t consider it a job because in fact it is my pleasure. I have been delighted to share my insights with so many wonderful students, and all I hope from this effort is that more students can achieve their dreams.

I have recently been working on a book that I am releasing for FREE. Yes, that means 100% free! You don’t need to do anything in order to get it except download the PDF file from this link. I would greatly appreciate it if you left a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else online. Your feedback will make me very happy and help me continue to create new IELTS materials.

The book includes ten chapters:

  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Present Tenses
  3. Past Tenses
  4. Future Tenses
  5. Sentence Types
  6. Clauses
  7. Parallelism
  8. Punctuation
  9. Register
  10. Paragraphing

In future, I intend to release a range of books to help you with IELTS. These will include textbooks for IELTS writing and speaking, which I will hopefully finish in 2019. Please remember to bookmark this website, follow TED-IELTS on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. We also have an IELTS subreddit! My goal is to you the best IELTS score possible!

Finally, here’s a video about the print version of the book, for people who prefer paper to PDFs: