Why do people say that IELTS writing is the most difficult part of the test? Because it really is! In fact, recently the NMC reduced the requirements for IELTS test takers in the writing section because it was so difficult that expecting nurses to get 7/7/7/7 was just unrealistic.

One reason is that punctuation isn’t a factor in the other parts of the exam. You don’t need to think about commas when you are speaking. But is punctuation really so hard? It can certainly confuse native speakers, but if you learn the basics, you can ace the IELTS.

This is part 8 of a free 10-day IELTS writing course.

Homework & Further Reading for Lesson 8

Today’s homework is a little harder than in the past. You need to punctuate a whole essay! If you don’t have time, you can just do the second activity, but I think the first one is a good challenge. (Here are the answers.)

Check out this essential guide to punctuation, and this article on commas.