There are lots of times during the IELTS Speaking Exam when you might have to describe a person. Of course, this is going to be most likely in Part Two, but you could also encounter it at other times. To adequately describe a person, you’ll need to use some appropriate personality adjectives. Don’t just say “she’s a nice lady” or “he’s a cool guy.” The examiner wants to hear more than that. You need to show off some suitable vocabulary.

It is important that you put more effort into your descriptions, and that means using appropriate language for actually getting into a person’s true nature. This can be intimidating at first, but if you learn some useful adjectives, then it’s really not so hard. 

I have put together a list of intermediate personality adjectives in the PPT below. Try to guess the words from the pictures first, and then study the examples that follow. Hopefully this can help boost your IELTS Speaking score. 🙂

You can practice yourself at home by describing friends, family members, or even your teachers! Try to describe them in unusual ways that really bring to light who the person is. Avoid boring descriptions of them

Here is a video of me describing a helpful person that I know:

If you have someone you want to describe, leave a comment down below and I will give you some feedback. 🙂