I have written before about preparing for IELTS using Facebook and Instagram, but I have not yet talked about Twitter. Today, let’s dive in and see what you can do to boost your English and IELTS skills using this social media platform.

If you read my previous posts on IELTS and social media, you probably know that I am very sceptical about the quality (and ethics) of the material you find there. However, these platforms do have some very talented people using them and so if you dig deep enough, you should be able to find them.

But what should you look for?

There are a few things that you might find on Twitter that could help you with your IELTS prep:

  1. English vocabulary lessons
  2. English grammar lessons
  3. IELTS advice

There’s also the fact that just reading Twitter in English every day will give you a small boost in reading proficiency!

Let’s look at those categories:

1. English Vocabulary Lessons

There are numerous Twitter profiles dedicated to giving out English vocabulary lessons. Obviously, not all of them are brilliant, but some of them are very useful. Try to find people who are either native speakers or expert users of the language. People who are qualified teachers would be ideal. Note also that these profiles don’t have to be specifically about IELTS. There is no such thing as IELTS vocabulary!

One way of learning new vocabulary is to follow a dictionary like Merriam-Webster:

merriam-webster twitter

Because they have a link to the word given, you can also check out examples of its use and see other information about it that helps you to understand it better.

Then there are pages like Next Level English, which provide daily vocab quizzes:

next level english twitter

One of my favourite profiles (on both Twitter and Instagram) is BBC Learning English. They have all kinds of great lessons like this:

bbc learning english twitter

Finally, follow TED-IELTS for daily vocab lessons:

ted-ielts twitter

It is growing quickly and I try to offer feedback to everyone who comments on my daily posts. This is a great (and free!) way of boosting your vocabulary.

English Grammar Lessons

When it comes to grammar, it is a little harder to learn lessons on Twitter because of the limitations inherent in the platform. With only a limited number of characters and four pictures to convey an idea, you can’t really explain some complex grammatical concepts. But then… maybe social media isn’t the best platform for learning that sort of thing!

There are various good profiles that you might like to follow, such as Woodward English. They post stuff like this:

woodward english twitter

There is also Learn English, a page from the British Council. They post some useful material relating to vocabulary and grammar:

learn english twitter

Finally, my own profile offers several grammar lessons per week! Unlike the other pages, I offer explanations and feedback. Here’s an example:

learn grammar on twitter with ted-ielts

IELTS Advice

When it comes to IELTS advice on Twitter, the options are comparatively limited. There are loads of great vocabulary and grammar profiles but few that are dedicated to IELTS. However, there are some decent ones. They just tend not to post that regularly.

I recommend that you follow:

Honestly, that’s all. Sadly, there aren’t many other great profiles and the talented or knowledgeable people with profiles post very rarely.

However, don’t feel too bad. There are many websites that you can use to study IELTS. I have reviewed them here. The best ones allow you to concentrate more and have better features for effective studying.