Some of the methods used in advertising are unethical and unacceptable in today’s society.

To what extent do you agree with this view?

Model Answer

If a company wants to increase awareness about its products, it must engage in some form of advertising. For this reason, adverts are everywhere that we look, including TV, the internet, posters, and billboards. Some adverts are very innovative and informative, but others incorporate unethical and unacceptable methods to gain people’s attention.

To start with, the competitive nature of the advertising world is such that many businesses resort to inappropriate means to make their products known. These include deception, which refers to misleading consumers with faulty information about a product. We can see this everywhere from inaccurate pictures of food to false promises on health supplements. There is also a tendency to use stereotypes to attract people or make people laugh. However, these stereotypes may be racist or sexist and contribute to a decline in social harmony. Additionally, the may also damage the company’s reputation.

Some people argue that it’s not all bad because they think some adverts are funny. However, they wouldn’t think it was funny if the advert made fun of them. People also argue that a little exaggeration is not a bad thing because a discerning customer should know better. However, many consumers are tricked, and some of these people are children or the elderly. It is unfair to take advantage of these groups.

To conclude, I believe the unethical and unacceptable advertising practices are common these days, and that we should oppose them vociferously. A variety of means should be taken into consideration to ensure a set of reasonable advertising guidelines, with suitable punishments for transgressions.