Level: Intermediate

Time for completion: 20 + min


Why should you listen to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”?

Light, bright, and cheerful, “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi is some of the most familiar of all early 18th century music, and is featured in numerous films and television commercials. But what is its significance, and why does it sound that way? Betsy Schwarm uncovers the underlying narrative of this musical masterpiece.



Listening Questions

Watch the video and choose the correct answer for each question

  1. When did Vivaldi compose his Four Seasons?

A Early 1600’s

B Early 1700’s

C Early 1800’s

D Early 1900’s

  1. What is the solo instrument in The Four Seasons concertos?

A Flute

B Piano

C Guitar

D Violin

  1. Which other famous composer lived at the same time as Vivaldi?

A Tchaikovsky

B Mozart

C Bach

D Beethoven

  1. Where was Vivaldi from?

A France

B Italy

C Germany

D Poland



Watch the video again. For each of the sentences 1-8  write A, B,C,D OR E. Some sentences might take TWO correct answers

A- All concerts

B- Spring Concert

C- Autum Concert

D- Winter Concert

E- Summer Concert


  1. Accompanied by poems
  2. First and last movement of the piece are the same
  3. Birds singing happily
  4. The name of a bird is pronounced
  5. Story to tell
  6. There is a strong storm
  7. Fire melody as refuge
  8. Music emulated hunters


In the IELTS speaking exam, there are many possible questions about music.

Here are some from part one:

1. Do you like music? Why / why not?
2. What kind of music do you listen to? Why?
3. Do you like listening to music while you study?
4. Has the music that you listen to changed since you were young?
5. Do you think older and younger generations prefer different types of music?

And here are some simple sample answers:

1. Yes, I like music. I find it relaxing.

2. I usually listen to heavy metal music, but I have an eclectic taste.

3. I need silence when I study, so I never listen to music at that time.

4. Of course. I think everyone’s musical tastes change. When I was young, I really liked pop music, but now I have a more mature musical taste.

5. Yes, I do. My grandparents and I have totally different tastes. I think we all like music from our own generations and only a few special artists can transcend that divide.


Activity 1 = 1B   2 A     3C   4B

Activity 2= 1 A    2 B    3B    4 E    5A     6 D/E     7 D     8C