Six months ago, I started a YouTube channel to help students study for the IELTS exam. I had made a few videos before then on my personal channel, but I had not taken it seriously. I decided this time that I would put more effort in and make videos on a regular schedule – if possible, every weekend.

The channel has grown steadily since then, and just a few days ago it reached 1,000 subscribers. I was delighted!

Over the summer, I had not posted many videos because I was busy travelling and my internet access was slow and unpredictable. As a result, I barely noticed the big number creeping up. The last thing I could remember was 600 subscribers, and that seemed amazing to me!

I am not a natural in front of the camera. In fact, despite having taught in front of big classes of students for more than 10 years, I am always uncomfortable being on camera. The transition to YouTube presenter has not been easy for me. I am also untrained in video editing and audio matters. However, I have enjoyed learning the basics.

I hope that my videos are providing at least some value to my readers and viewers, even if they are a little amateur right now. I hope that over the coming months and years, they improve in quality as the channel grows.

You can help me by giving me some honest feedback. Let me know about sound quality and whether the content is useful or not. I can tell from the number of LIKES whether people have generally found a video to be worthwhile, but I always appreciate constructive criticism too.

Thanks for all your support. Please do subscriber to the channel if you haven’t already, and turn on notifications so that you receive an alert whenever I post new material.

Here is my most popular video:

And here is my newest video:

And finally, this one is my personal favourite: