Everyone knows that YouTube is a great resource for doing IELTS preparation. There are many helpful videos on there that you can use to practice writing, listening, reading… but what about IELTS speaking?

Actually, there are lots of great videos about IELTS speaking, too. I want to share with you some of the videos I have made over the past 2 years that are designed to help you get ready for your next test.

How to Score Band 9.0

First of all, let’s look at the most important stuff: How do you really score band 9 for IELTS speaking? In this video, I will give you a sample answer for parts one, two, and three. I’ll explain all the important things that you need to know to give an amazing performance in your next speaking test.

Describe a Piece of Art

In part two of the IELTS speaking test, you will be asked to describe something. That could be a place, a person, a memory, an object, or even a song. In this case, we’re going to talk about a piece of art (like a painting or a sculpture). This could be a pretty difficult question, so I will show you how to think of ideas and then pick the right sort of language to use.

Dealing with Part Three

You probably know already that part three is the hardest part of the IELTS speaking test. But how do you answer those tricky questions? These will not be simple, conversational questions like in part one… Here, you will need to answer abstract questions about society, age, and ethics. Here’s my advice about how to ace part three:

Describe a Famous Person

This is another guide to answering an IELTS part 2 cue card. In this case, the cue card is all about famous people… Could you describe a famous person? It’s not as easy as it sounds! This is hard because you can’t just give basic details. You need to talk for 1-2 minutes about this person! Listen to my sample answer about Bryan Cranston from the TV show Breaking Bad.

Improve your Pronunciation at Home

In order to succeed at IELTS speaking, you need to have good pronunciation skills. That doesn’t mean being able to speak with a fake British accent… No, you just need to be able to convey your ideas clearly. Learn how you can do this at home in my handy video guide.

Things you Shouldn’t Do…

Finally, let’s look at some advice about what not to do in IELTS speaking. Everything so far has been positive advice, but it’s important to also look at the things you need to avoid. In this very short video (just 2 minutes), I will explain the important things you should forget about when preparing for IELTS.