If you want to learn vocabulary for IELTS, then I have some useful videos that might help you. Each of them contains a list of words related to a certain IELTS topic. I feel that this is the best way to learn vocabulary because you can practise those words in context so that they are easier to remember.

The following videos can be used in your daily studies. The language contained in them is aimed at IELTS students because it avoids basic vocab and focused more on lesson common words that are topic-specific. If you want to understand the most important principles of IELTS vocabulary, then read this article on Lexical Resource.

Employment Vocabulary

First of all, let’s learn some language about work. This contains not only useful vocabulary, but advice on avoiding mistakes. It explains, for example, the difference between salary and wage.

Technology Vocabulary

When I was teaching in schools and universities, I was frustrated by the outdated textbooks that taught old-fashioned words. The English language changes frequently and when it comes to technology, even a 10-year-old book can be embarrassingly archaic. As such, I made this video:

Crime Vocabulary

Nowadays, the topic of crime and punishment seems to come up in the IELTS test quite frequently. As such, I’ve put together a list of words that are really useful for talking about this common topic.

Hotel Vocabulary

Whilst the previous topics are really common, this one is a bit less so. Still, you sometimes encounter questions related to hotels and so I made this video that features hotel vocabulary. This might even help you in regular life if you travel to another country!

Cooking Vocabulary

Finally, let’s end with a video about the language used to describe cooking. This is something you often see in part one of the IELTS speaking test, so it would be handy to know some common verbs and nouns to help you give a descriptive and accurate answer: