Last year, I offered some free IELTS writing corrections through this Facebook group, and this year I will do the same. However, I have less free time, so I can only do a few each month.

The corrections below are just basic corrections. I will only spend 5-10 minutes on each essay, correcting grammar and spelling. I will not write detail notes or give you a band score.

If you want my full marking service, you can find detailshere.

The full service includes the following:

  • Complete correction of all mistakes
  • Annotations to help you understand my changes
  • Lots of suggestions
  • Examples of improvements, if applicable
  • Estimated band score, including all 4 sections
  • A sample band 9 essay written by me

When you look at your corrections below, please make sure to download the file from Google Drive and open it in Microsoft Word. This allows you to view my corrections clearly.

April 28th [Task 2]

April 25th [Task 2]

April 14th [Task 2]

March 27th [Task 2]

March 21st [Task 2]

March 18th [Task 2]

March 17th [Task 2]

March 1st [Task 2]