I started this website more than 3 years ago to provide free IELTS materials to any student who needed help. Around that time, I also started the TED-IELTS Facebook page as a way of reaching more people.

Today, the Facebook page crossed over the an important milestone: 5,000 followers!!!

ielts facebook page

I know that is not a huge amount, but it is important to me because these are not paid followers. These are real IELTS students who use this site and the Facebook page for real IELTS preparation. The Facebook page has grown slowly over these three years, but it has been an organic growth, and I have been happy with it.

Six months ago, I started the IELTS Speaking Partner group. It is a meeting place for like-minded IELTS candidates who need speaking practice. I have tried to keep it safe and healthy for all its users, although this has been a huge challenge. Every day, 50-75 spammers and scammer attempt to join the group! It is an exhausting task, but I am determined to keep the group pure so that it remains different from all the other terrible IELTS Facebook groups.

ielts speaking partners

Later today, that group will cross over its own milestone: 20,000 users! Wow! I am amazed by its growth, and I have hope that it will reach 100,000 users within a few months. However, it will be a big challenge keeping it safe. I need all my followers to please report any malicious users.

I hope that you will consider following these Facebook communities. Daily practice is essential to improving your English skills, and by using Facebook to get reminders or assistance you are setting yourself on the course to success!

Speaking of social media, don’t forget to follow my YouTube channel. Here is a recent video I posted: