If you want to improve your vocabulary for IELTS, then you might be interested in these great videos that will help you to learn new words. Of course, watching videos in English (particularly ones about IELTS!) will help you to learn anyway, but these videos are especially designed for IELTS students who want to learn more vocabulary.

Food Vocabulary for IELTS

First up, here is one of my favourite videos. This one provides you with loads of useful words and phrases about food and cooking. This is helpful because these are common IELTS speaking topics.

Photography Vocabulary for IELTS

Next, we’ll go to a less common topic: photography. Although this is less likely to appear in your next IELTS test, it is definitely a possibility. Photography is more common nowadays because of smartphones, so you might be asked questions about taking photos in your next test. There’s also an ESL lesson about photography here.

Technology Vocabulary

The IELTS topic of technology comes up frequently in all parts of the test, including speaking. I made this video a long time ago to help you learn words and phrases that are actually useful. I have taught from ESL textbooks that still had cassette tapes as a cutting edge technology!

IELTS Vocabulary: Pets

A few years ago, I was teaching in China and had a demonstration class for my English bosses, who had traveled around the world to watch. I was nervous… so I made the best lesson I could manage! This video contains some of the ideas from that lesson. (For any curious ESL teachers, the lesson is here.)

How to Learn New English Vocabulary

Finally, there is this video about how to learn new English vocabulary. It is pretty self-explanatory.