I often post videos here that help people with their IELTS speaking skills. After all, it is a great platform for that. I can record myself doing practice questions and then people can learn from it! But is it also useful for the writing part of the exam? Yes! So here is a list of YouTube videos about IELTS writing for you to study from.

But first, before we begin, I have just uploaded a new video about IELTS writing. It is all about describing maps (which I also wrote about here). But not just any maps. This video tells you how to describe difficult maps!

Ok, now let’s jump into the real list – my collection of YouTube videos about IELTS writing.

Pretty Much a Complete Guide to Structure!

I will put this video first because it is perhaps the most comprehensive one. It guides you easily through the process of structuring an essay for IELTS writing task 2. This really breaks down the procedure into manageable chunks so that you can apply the advice to your own work.

Another Complete Guide…?

I said that the first one was the most comprehensive. Well, it is the best guide to structure but this one is a complete guide. In this video, I run you through the full process of writing and IELTS essay. I actually write an essay in this video and explain it to you.

4 or 5 Paragraphs?

You might have wondered how many paragraphs you should write when you are studying for IELTS. Well, this video will provide you with the correct answer! (I’ve also written about it here.)

Describing Line Graphs

If you are going to take IELTS academic, you need to know how to describe line graphs. It is absolutely essential because these are one of the most common features of the test. But don’t worry – I made a video about it. Check it out:

Giving Examples in IELTS Essays

When you are writing an IELTS essay, how many examples should you include? Where should you put them? What sort of language can you use to introduce them? These are the questions that I will answer in this next video:

How to Check your Essay for Mistakes

Here is a video that tells you how to check your essay for mistakes. Actually, this is a really difficult thing to do! Even native speakers struggle with it and will leave silly typos in their work. However, it is quite important for IELTS that you reduce the number of errors in your essay. Doing this will really help you to get a higher score.

Alright, that’s enough for today. If you want to see lots and lots more IELTS videos, you can check out my YouTube channel. I try to upload videos regularly on various IELTS-related topics.