Hey everyone.

Last week, I introduced a new feature to this website, which was the IELTS weekly roundup. Because 98% of IELTS websites are rubbish I have decided to gather a few good links at the end of each week and share them. The reason is simple: I am a native speaker and an experienced IELTS teacher. I can easily recognise what is a good resource and what is a terrible resource, which means I can share some honest reviews with you.

Let’s see the best IELTS resources for this past week.

Listening Practice

If you want to practice your IELTS listening skills, then head to IELTS in Taiwan, a small WordPress blog that has some pretty useful stuff on it. This week’s article is about space, an interesting topic that I covered a few weeks ago here.

For more IELTS listening practice, you may be interested in the British Council website. They rank their exercises by difficulty and so you can choose what suits you. These lessons are pre-intermediate, so they are helpful for people who are just beginning their IELTS journey.

Reading Practice

If you are looking for reading practice, you might find this exercise helpful. It is an activity created by the British Council and gives you some help with matching headings to paragraphs in the reading exam.

IELTS at Home – a YouTube Discussion

This video isn’t actually about IELTS practice but it contains some useful information. Oh, and you might recognise a familiar face… 😊 It is produced by a company called iSchoolConnect.

A New IELTS Speaking Course

There is a new IELTS speaking course coming from the MacQuarie University in Australia. Beginning on 29th June, this course will take you through lots of important information about IELTS speaking. It is free and aimed at people who want to score 6.5 or higher. If you complete the course, you will get a PDF certificate that is recognised by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

And Finally…

In this past week, I have also made a video about IELTS and idioms. (I actually wrote about that long ago.) You can view the video here:

If you are looking for more IELTS speaking advice, you might also be interested in this article that I wrote a few days ago. It tells you how to describe plants and flowers in order to answer certain IELTS questions. You might think that it is uncommon but actually it is a possible topic and you should be prepared for it.