It was about one year ago that I decided to start making videos for IELTS students. Set a target of getting 100,000 views within that year, and although I haven’t achieved that target, I think the project has been successful.

In one year, I have gotten:

  • 2,500+ subscribers

By far the most popular video was one that I made pretty much a year ago, all about describing books for IELTS speaking part two:

My most popular IELTS video.

With almost 35,000 views, more than three times as popular as the next most popular one!

Another popular IELTS video.

In fact, now I think about it, most of my popular videos are about IELTS speaking part two!!

Well here is a different type of video. In this one, I help you to write the perfect essay:

Writing essays for IELTS.

The Future of the Channel

Over this winter, I haven’t posted many videos. However, this year I will try to revive the channel and post even more than last year!

I need your support. Let me know what sort of videos you want to see from my channel and, of course, DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!