If you want to get better at IELTS, you need to study every day. Moreover, you need to look at different sorts of materials and cover all parts of the test.

For the past two years, I have been making IELTS videos and uploading them to YouTube so that people can learn from my advice. I mostly do writing and speaking videos, but there are a handful of ones intended to help you with listening and reading, too.

Over the past few weeks, I have uploaded a number of videos containing useful advice. I am going to gather them here in this post so that you can see them easily. I recommend that you bookmark this page and return to watch each of these videos over the space of several days. Although some of them are short, it may be too much to watch them all at once.

Talking about IELTS

The first video is not actually about any of the 4 parts of the IELTS exam! It’s about talking about IELTS. Every day, I encounter IELTS students saying “I want to get 7 bands” and “I gave IELTS yesterday.” These phrases are totally wrong, and I wanted to explain why.

It may not seem very important, but actually I think that IELTS students should be able to talk clearly and correctly about the exam. When you are using the various IELTS Facebook groups, you sound more intelligent when you use the right phrases rather than repeating the wrong ones.

More General Advice

Ok, the next video is also not about any of those 4 sections of the IELTS test. 🙂 It is about some important advice that all IELTS students should know.

To put it simply, you need to stop taking IELTS over and over and over… It’s a big waste of money and you are just giving yourself more stress.

Anyway, all the details are in this post. I will explain what I mean clearly so that you can understand. I hope you find it useful.

Advice about Writing

A few weeks ago, I posted some polls on my Facebook page and YouTube community, asking what sort of videos people wanted to see: writing, speaking, listening, or reading?

Overwhelmingly, the answer was writing.

I have made so many videos in the past about writing and even a totally free IELTS writing course! But I found the time and inspiration to make a new video that deals with checking your IELTS writing for mistakes. This is a pretty difficult thing, but I have some helpful advice about it.

I also made a video specifically about describing pie charts. These can be easy to understand but difficult to describe, so they pose a lot of challenges for IELTS candidates doing task 1 of the writing test.

You can see my advice here:

Help with IELTS Speaking

Even though people said that they wanted more writing videos, the most popular ones that I post are all about speaking!

I often make videos about IELTS speaking and these tend to get more views than the others. Recently, I made this video about difficult cue cards.

What should you do when you encounter a really difficult question? Well, you can find out in this video. But the most important thing is… don’t panic!

Reading Practice

Finally, I very rarely make anything about the IELTS reading test because it is logistically quite difficult. However, a few weeks ago I made a video that gives you a reading passage and some sample questions.

I think that this is a helpful way of practicing IELTS reading skills in a limited capacity. You can try it yourself here. See how many questions you get right!