It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for another IELTS roundup. Each week, I try to gather some of the best IELTS materials from around the internet and gather them in one place to share with you. Here we go…

British Council vs IDP

One question that I often hear is whether someone should take their IELTS exam with British Council or IDP. I always tell them that it doesn’t matter – it’s the same exam! A few days ago, IELTS Advantage put out this interesting video of a conversation between several experts (including an IDP examiner and a British Council examiner!):

A New IELTS Speaking Course

If you are interested in improving your IELTS speaking score, you can head over to FutureLearn and check out a new course by McQuarrie University in Sydney, Australia. According to the details given,

In this course we will be working through examples of good and great responses to each of the speaking tasks, and unpacking them with you so that you can understand how to achieve your desired score.

Throughout the course, there will be frequent opportunities to interact with other learners and practise your fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills.

You will also learn how to self-assess your own responses and identify what you need to continue to work on so that you can be successful in your IELTS Speaking test.

Other IELTS News and Materials

The world is slowly opening back up after the tragic COVID-19 outbreak. In many places, people are going back to work and school, and life is returning to normal. Even the IELTS test is resuming in some places. You can read about it on the official IELTS website.

I stumbled upon this chart from Duolingo, who recently released their own English test to compete with TOEFL and IELTS. This page helps you understand Duolingo and translate your score from one test into another.

If you want to know how long it will take you to get better at IELTS, then check out this new post from IELTS with Fiona, in which she breaks down the process into a surprisingly simple blog post. It’s really valuable information, so I recommend you read it.

Are you looking for IELTS vocabulary flashcards to help you learn idioms and other phrases? Then check out these:

Speaking of vocabulary, do you want to learn how to talk about photos? Then check out this video:

Finally, did you see my list of 30 common IELTS speaking topics on Monday? You should check it out because I think it will help you to prepare more effectively for IELTS.