It’s Friday once again and that means it’s time to gather some of the best IELTS materials from around the internet. Rather than going back to the same places again and again, I have tried to find a few new places. Let me know next week if you find something that I should include.

This week, I have mostly picked up on some vocabulary resources but there are also activities that will help you with things like reading and listening.

Vocabulary – Idioms

You probably know that I don’t really support people teaching idioms for IELTS. Actually, that is not true. I just don’t think that people should focus on it so much. It is good to learn idioms and for IELTS it is useful to know some of them. I am on Twitter (@tedielts) and I found someone there who runs a site called FunkyEnglish. They post daily items of vocabulary, the most recent of which was the phrase “no skin off my nose.” What do you think that means? Go check it out.

Speaking of Twitter, you might like an account called @HowCanWeLearn1. They also post regular vocabulary and grammar questions, which pushes you to practice every day.

One of the most talked about words this year is “furlough.” Actually, even the Oxford English Dictionary is considering choosing it as their “word of the year.” Do you know this word? The BBC has a story (both for reading and listening) all about this important word for 2020. You can find it here.

Finally, do you have 6 minutes to spare to study English? Well, check out this vocabulary exercise from the BBC. In it, you can find out how to talk about money.

More IELTS Resources

This week, I have also published a few materials on this website and also on Facebook and YouTube. I will share them again here so those who missed out can have a chance to review them.

First up, there is my article about describing meals. More specifically, it is about describing an unusual meal. Next, I posted a sample answer here for a question about population control. I have also gathered a list of great IELTS videos on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, my latest video is mock speaking test that I conducted with a man from Bangladesh. You can view it here:

That was actually my second new video this week! The first was a video about describing maps, which you can see here:

I also regularly post materials to the TED-IELTS Facebook page. You should follow it to get these valuable daily insights and practice materials. Here is one that I made and posted earlier this week:

The answers are listed upside down at the bottom of the picture. 🙂