Woo hoo! I’m super happy today because my YouTube channel has just exceeded 300,000 views! This is actually funny because my last video was all about saying big numbers aloud. 🤣 Here it is:

I want to thank everyone who has watched my videos over the past two years. I do not upload videos as regularly as I would like to because of work and life commitments but I will try to be better about it in future.

Here are a few of my best and most popular videos from the last two years:

This video about IELTS speaking part two, in which I show you how to describe a book, is been my most popular video with more than 60,000 views! 😲

Advice about IELTS

Another popular video was about what not to do for IELTS. In other words, I explore some of the bad advice that teachers give IELTS students. This video also features me pretending to be funny. 🤪

Food Vocabulary for IELTS

Finally, this video is another popular one! In it, I try to teach you some useful vocabulary related to food so that you can say more interesting things in the IELTS speaking test. Bon Appétit!

If you enjoy my videos, you might find enjoy the completely FREE writing course that I have posted here. It is a series of 10 videos designed to help you improve your grammar skills.