Yesterday, I posted a new video to my YouTube channel. It was actually the first video I have posted in quite a long time. This year, I have put most of my energy into writing a new book and running my IELTS essay correction service, so I had not spent much time on videos.

However, this is all going to change. I am excited to announce that I am re-launching my YouTube channel with a regular posting schedule and higher quality videos. In the past, my videos varied wildly in terms of content, style, and quality, but now I have found a method that I think will allow me to regularly produce excellent IELTS content.

The first video is a guide to Lexical Resource. I felt that this was a fitting topic because it is an important yet misunderstood part of IELTS. People think that they know what LR is, but in fact it is more complicated than they imagine.

In this video, I aim to cover a few areas: explaining Lexical Resource, dispelling myths, showing how to get a higher band score, and instructing you how to learn new vocabulary more effectively.

In the coming weeks, I will post regular videos covering essential IELTS topics, with one overarching theme: I will only post honest, straightforward advice. That means no tips, tricks, or shortcuts.

If you are interested, you can subscribe to the channel and hit the “notification” icon in order to be alerted when a new video is released.

I’m also interested to hear any feedback – positive or negative – and also suggestions for future videos. I have a long list of ideas, but I’m always open to others!