For a long time, I stopped posting videos on YouTube. I have been too busy with my writing correction service and Twitter grammar exercises, and videos just take a long time to make.

However, recently I decided that I should get back into it and I have made some new videos.

Vocabulary for Describing People

This video looks at helpful language for describing people. It breaks it down into nouns and adjectives, then shows you how to combine these for vivid and interesting descriptions.

Once you can do this, you can easily answer a wide range of IELTS cue cards.

The vocab in this video includes:

  • body parts
  • facial features
  • abstract concepts
  • personality adjectives

You can also learn more personality vocab here.

Describing Websites

Long ago, I wrote this guide to describing a website. A few weeks ago, I turned it into a video:

This is a very useful one if you are preparing for IELTS speaking. It gives advice on how to talk about websites, which is an important skill nowadays.

Stop Disagreeing with Yourself

It might sound strange, but a very common problem in IELTS writing is disagreeing with yourself. That’s the theme of this video:

Amazingly, this is a problem that affects many candidates. They often write things like this in their essay outline:

There is nothing humans can do to stop climate change. I disagree with this opinion.

They don’t realise that their efforts at paraphrasing have backfired and that they’ve disagreed with themselves!

Why is IELTS so Difficult?

IELTS is difficult, right?

Most people agree with that, but why? Why is it so much harder than other English tests?

That’s something I discussed in this video:

You can go into more depth in this article about why IELTS writing is so difficult.

What did you think of those new videos?

Let me know if you like them or dislike them. I will try to take your feedback into consideration when making more videos in the future. You can also let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.